How To Properly Care For Your New Car – Detailing 101

Buying a new car can be intense; there are so many choices and you want to make sure you get the best deal possible. Then there is all of that paperwork before you can get the keys and drive it home. Then what?

Many people think that because their car is new they don’t need to do anything yet. WRONG! You just paid a lot of money for that car and if you want to keep it looking new, just like anything else, you have to take care of it! A new car is not immune to the harsh environmental elements and the clear-coat is not the shield that protects your car, it’s just clear paint and it needs to be protected.

For me, I didn’t even let the dealership wash my new car before I drove it home for fear of scratching my black paint. It even had the white adhesive plastic still on the car from the transport from the factory to the dealership. The car was still in the back and had not hit the lot yet and my words to the salesman were “Do not wash it!”. He said, “But it’s dirty, don’t you want us to detail it for you?”. I then politely responded “No thank you, I will wash it when I get home”.

Proper Car Care From The Beginning

The time to start proper car care is when you drive home and pull into the driveway. When I got home with my new Camaro I parked right next to the hose and went and got my wash buckets, car wash shampoo, wash mitt and microfiber drying towels before I even pulled into the garage.


Proper car care is important whether your car is brand new or ten years old. The steps are the same, although you may have to spend a little more time on an older car that requires removal of defects like oxidation, swirl or scratches.

Many think that all the steps are not necessary on a new car but your long term protection depends on properly preparing and protecting your car. You wouldn’t want to put your paint sealant over bonded contamination or get a less than perfect shine would you?