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Body shop Auto repair & Paint, Cartersville Collision Center

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Welcome to First Class Collision

From minor dent removal to full body and paint repair after an accident, our highly trained technicians are here to restore your car, truck, SUV, or van to good as new.

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First Class Collision Center is a full-service collision repair facility based out of Cartersville, GA.

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Bottom line: If you put quality in, you get quality out. And our commitment to only the highest quality service carries across everything we do.

This means you can expect consistently high quality, accurate estimates and on-time delivery at every location. So you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the fastest, safest repair possible.

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Let us put decades & experience to work for you. Top Quality Collision Service.

First Class Collision offers a wide range of services, including exact paint matching and repairs, windshield replacement, front-end framework, paintless dent removal, auto glass repair, and alignments.

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After your collision repairs are complete, take your vehicle to the next level through the interior and exterior services provided in our auto spa.

  • Scratch, ding, and dent removal
  • Color-matching paint technology
  • Vehicle restoration

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Accidents happen, and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared with a collision repair shop that you can trust on standby. Give us a call today

  • Scratch, ding, and dent removal
  • Color-matching paint technology
  • Vehicle restoration

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From making your paint job glisten, to eliminating years of odors and stains inside the vehicle, our detail specialists will make your car look and feel brand new.

  • Scratch, ding, and dent removal
  • Color-matching paint technology
  • Vehicle restoration


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Proven Process for the best result.

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[number_box number_box_title=”Estimate” number_box_content=”inspects vehicle to find all damage that occurred during accident” number_link=”#” number_link_text=”Read More” number_box_number=”01″]
[number_box number_box_title=”Repairs” number_box_content=”Vehicle torn down and blue-printed for necessary repairs” number_link=”#” number_link_text=”Read More” number_box_number=”02″]
[number_box number_box_title=”Painting” number_box_content=”Primed and sealed to assure good adhesion when the final top color and clear coats are applied” number_link=”#” number_link_text=”Read More” number_box_number=”03″]
[number_box number_box_title=”Assem-Cleaned” number_box_content=”Final moldings and detail pieces are put back, Cleaned & Detail” number_link=”#” number_link_text=”Read More” number_box_number=”04″]
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Punctuality and fulfillment at work and human service

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[subtitle style=”light”]Expertise[/subtitle]

Milestones that we proudly accomplished & lead us forward.

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We work with top clients.

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Creative project? Let’s have a productive talk.

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